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..Our farm is at Libramont-Chevigny in the Belgian Ardennes - an area of greenery and natural, rustic, grasslands. We are  passionate about horses. We pay particular attention to the health and well-being of our valuable companions. We are skilled in ethological dressage, gentle methods (microkinesitherapy), natural development in the open air, rigourous selection and great patience.We make every effort to ensure a healthy and thoughtful choice.

Our breeding policy favors the conservation of rare lineage from the Bedouin original horses (Sheikh Obeid, Straight Egyptian) on one hand, and the development of high quality paintabians, on the other hand.

Our livestock is based on the mares maternal lineage. We have the SAKLAWI strain, the KOHEILAN strain and the DAHMAN SHAWAN strain (see the history page for further information). We have carefully selected mares which will pass an irreprochable potential onto their foals. We take pride in producing a fine outline together with first class sporting abilities. Our mares are classified, have character and elegance as well as a strong maternal instinct.
Our typical sire AVALON RASHIIQ NAJM  has Straight Egyptian Sheykh Obeyd, Al Khamsas, blue list et 50% Babson from his father BW Ibn Faydin.
Please inspect the photos and pedigrees of Afirah, Mahatma, Dandi, Rashiiq  and the others..
Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions, or for an appointment or your comments.
 Enjoy your visit.  
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